Wedding Balloons From Balloonatics

Wedding Balloons

Balloonatics know that your Wedding Day is one of the most important days in your life. Using our fantastic Wedding Balloons we can help lift your venue and make the room look fantastic.

All of our Balloons are Qualatex, the best you can by and used by all Professional Balloon Decorators. Colours can be chosen to match your wedding colours or venue, with so many to choose from. Why not request some samples from us?

All Balloons are inflated and set up at your chosen Wedding Venue so you have nothing to worry about.

For a personalised quotation please call us on 07743 864889 or use our CONTACT US page or our CONTACT US FORM page. You can meet us at our offices in Derby, at the wedding venue or in the comfort of your own home.

Our On-site Balloon Decorating can help lift your Party, Wedding or Special Occasion. Our prices include VAT and setup at any venue within the Derby and Nottingham area.

All of the Latex Balloons we use, are Qualatex. Imported from America, these balloons offer a float time of between 10-20 hours without the need for special liquid, depending on room temperature.

All of the Balloons Clusters and Balloon Arches are made at your venue, so that each cluster/arch is tailor made for your chosen room. All of the Balloons are approximately the same size, and the clusters all have matching heights where possible.

None of the Balloons are pre-blown and all are given time to settle before we leave your venue.

If you feel the On-site Balloon Decorating is out of your budget, why not consider our Balloon Bag Deals. Our price now includes delivery to anywhere within the Derby area.

For more information, please call us on 07743 864889 or email us at

Balloon Decorating
2015 Prices

Balloon Cluster of 3
Ideal for Guest Tables, Cake Tables or Buffet Tables.
£10.00 Each

Balloon Cluster of 5
Great for a Guest Table when the room has a high roof area. Also look good from the floor next to entrances or stage area.
£15.00 Each

Balloon Cluster of 7
Ideal for entrances or focal points.

Balloon Cluster of 9
Ideal for entrances or focal points.

Cloud 9
Looks best on the top table. If you place three together, we will interlink the Cloud 9’s with matching 2″ ribbon.
£22.50 each

Gothic Archway
Great for Entrances at Weddings or over the Aisle for Civil Ceremonies.
From £69.00 Each

Standard Archway
Great for Focal Points, Over Stages or Behind the Top Table.
From £89.00 Each

Ceiling Balloons (Where Possible)
Fill the space over the dance floor with Helium Balloons with Matching Ribbon, looks fantastic in Mickleover Court!
£2.00 Each

Airfill Balloons
Great for on the dancefloor and ideal for the Kids to play with.
50p each