Wedding Professionals Network

Wedding Professionals Network in Derby

Balloonatics of Derby is part of the Wedding Professionals Network.

Is your Wedding Supplier a member of the Wedding Professionals Network?

A network of independent who are dedicated in providing the very best in the wedding industry, who work together to make sure your wedding day is the best day in your life.We know that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life; that you want it to be special and everything you dream of. We understand that you have been planning it for weeks, months or even years and want each small detail to be perfect, with everything running smoothly.The Wedding Professionals Network brings you specialists committed to giving you the products and services you need and dedicated to achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.As a trade association and networking club for wedding suppliers in the UK, we give you the reassurance that all our members are experts in their respective fields. Each are established businesses that have proven they can meet the standards we expect.Suppliers are accepted into our network on the recommendation of other members within the Wedding Professionals Network.

By using our members you are also given peace of mind as you are protected by both our code of conduct and that all members have trade insurance for their industry.

The Advantages of Using Members of The Wedding Professionals Network

Free searches for wedding services in your local area

Assurance that all listed suppliers are members of The Wedding Professionals Network

Suppliers who meet regularly to discuss and network about the whole wedding industry

Knowledge that all our members are established businesses and follow the Wedding Professional’s Network Code of Conduct